Make this: Floral crown

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

To end my series of posts on Istanbul, I thought it'd only be appropriate that I create a floral wreath of my own. I'm very well aware that this craft idea has been covered like crazy, but just like two flowers are not alike, every floral wreath is unique! I cut and glued my way to a finished one in about an hour, and it cost me about $5. I think it'd be an awesome, cheap craft project for a group of gals.Step 1: Gather your supplies: floral wire, faux flowers (or real ones...but just know that they'll die within a day), scissors, hot glue.Step 2: Separate four pieces of floral wire into two groups of two. Twist the ends around each other.Step 3: Wrap the wire around your head to determine how large to make the crown. Twist the wire pieces together at the other ends; trim excess wire.Step 4: Separate the flowers from the main branch (I left some stems on because I like the way they look). Working with one flower at a time, use hot glue to affix it anywhere on the wire crown. Hold in place until the glue sets. Continue gluing the flowers onto the crown, overlapping the stems as you go.Step 5: Finish by applying hot glue where it's needed and trimming any excess pieces.

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