Nothing but knit

by Jourdan Fairchild in

There are crafters and there are crafters (I fall in the first, much less serious category). For years as an editor, I worked with people way more artistic and talented than me, and I always found inspiration in each person's vision, talent, and work ethic. Magda Sayeg is one such woman, although I was never fortunate enough to work with her. She's highlighted in this design-milk post today, and I just had to share these shots of her work, which is equal parts beautiful and rebellious. Saveg's color combos are bold, and she's made what's often thought of as an antiquated hobby feel so completely modern. I doubt I'll ever be a knitter, but people like her make me sure wish I had the patience to pick it up! PS: If you're loving the dressed-up statues, you'll love this too.

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