Thanks for feeding me!

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

Have you ever been invited as a guest to a dinner party, and you've never met the host(s)? And you feel the need to bring something—these people are feeding you, after all—but you have no idea what? Well that's me tonight, which is why I've been hunting high and low for some great gifts that feel more personal than just a bottle of wine. The great thing about the items below is that they're perfect for people who love to cook (well, I'm assuming that they do if they're hosting a dinner party), and you can buy them ahead of time so you'll be ready at a moment's notice...unlike me who'll have to scramble to find something today. Plus, they're a mix of clever meets cute. Do you have any go-to host/hostess gifts? Share them in the comments!Clockwise, from top left: Trophy measuring cup, salami paper notes, chalkboard paper placemats, guest check tray, cootie catcher napkins, adorable tea towel (made by my friend Julie!)  

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