My color conundrum

by Jourdan Fairchild in

It's time to select paint colors for our new place (it still hasn't sunk in that we're moving!), and you'd think that since I'm somewhat of a design junkie, I'd have the look of my next apartment all mapped out. Umm, that's a big, fat no. In fact, I feel all kinds of self-imposed pressure to make design choices that will be totally unique and dramatic while still being economical. We want our furniture to be able to transition to the new place, but we'll also need to incorporate new pieces. Do we keep the good ole Ikea pull-out sofa that's helpful for overnight guests, or sell it so we can buy a sofa with more personality? Should we keep the breakfast table we rehabbed (and still love!) even though we know it's small for the new dining room? Ok, ok...I'm getting ahead of myself. Paint, Jourdan, paint. So I'm mostly stuck on what color to paint the living room. White walls are obviously easier in the long run, look fresh, provide a blank slate for colorful furniture and accessories, etc. But I'm a color girl. Always have been. Lately, I've been drawn to that dark blue gray hue that makes wood floors and white trim really pop. Add in accents of orange, red, or yellow, and I think the combo will look rad. Or maybe I should layer different shades of blue? Check out these images I've gathered for inspiration. Do you think the dark color is too much of a risk, especially for the first room you see in a home? What if it's the only dark room in the house? Or should I go full steam ahead? I'm also loving the idea of a single thick strip of paint along one wall (see bottom left image). Please share your thoughts (no seriously, I'm desperate for feedback)!Desktop2

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