Cake confessions

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

Desktop4You know how a single dish can make someone famous in their circle of friends, family, or even community? For my Grandma, the one and only Evelyn Wilson, it was her homemade pound cake with caramel frosting. Perfectly dense, rich as can be, and even better with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a glass of cold milk. She whipped it up for church functions, family meals, and years of birthday parties using good ole' Crisco, margarine, and more. In the years just before she died (at age 92, mind you), she jotted down the recipe for me on a pair of bright orange notecards. The last line of the frosting card reads "Good luck!" in her shaky handwriting. Well Grandma, I finally figured out why. I hadn't attempted the recipe myself until this past weekend. You see, our wedding cake (see below) was made using this very recipe, and since we didn't serve a giant cake—in lieu of a spread of desserts—we didn't have a topper to save. Who says you have to follow every wedding tradition anyway? Instead, I promised Andrew that I'd bake him Grandma's cake every anniversary. I'll have you know I tried three times to get the consistency right before giving up and just going with it. Good thing that it didn't stop Andrew from digging right in. Sure, I'm gonna need a lot of practice, but that's exactly the way Grandma would've wanted it. Desktop3

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