Color testing 1, 2, 3

by Jourdan Fairchild in

We didn't have much time to develop our paint palette. And by much, I mean like 3 days. That might be plenty of time for some people. Not so much me. I'm not the most decisive person in the world (just ask my dad, particularly when ordering food is involved), and paint is a big commitment. Sure, you can always paint over something. But we really really didn't want to rely on that. So one night a few weeks ago, we flipped through design books, scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and determined a few general colors for the rooms in our new place—all the while considering the colors of the stuff we already owned (I'd love to pitch some of our old stuff for all-new goodies, but that's just not possible when the cash flow is tight). Using $30 worth of sample cans, we painted patches to see how the colors would look on the walls. We checked them out in morning and afternoon light, and at times, went back to Home Depot for more. What did we decide on? Drumroll please.... 20130709-200409-001Tada!! Here's our final palette! Although I'm a Benjamin Moore fan, we went with Behr No-VOC paint since it was easy and affordable. The yellow stickies indicate the colors, which include three pale hues and one dark blue gray (clockwise, from left to right: Reflecting Pool, Lavender Lace, Sage Gray, and Sled).  I've always been drawn to using moody blues on the walls (to me, they work as as neutrals), and I'll be adding accent colors with furniture, fabric, and accessories. DSC_0618

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