Judgement day

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

Andrew and I were lucky enough to have my mom in town last week, which always means we break out of our normal routine (in this case, our daily unpacking one) to do some entertaining. So we went to The Moth, a monthly storytelling showdown held at a bar in town. I'd been with my friend Lauren a few months back, so I knew what to expect. But my fellow attendees were Moth virgins. We volunteered ourselves—well, I volunteered us—to serve as one of the three panels of judges. That meant that in a crowd of nearly 200 people, our opinions would actually carry some weight. If you've never been to/heard of The Moth, it's a fantastic organization that supports the art of storytelling (this New Yorker article says it best). I knew it'd be something we'd all love, whether the stories were good or just good enough to not be booed. We were instructed to judge based on story arc, truthfulness, timeliness, and whether or not the storyteller stayed on topic of the night, which was "Lost." From the start, the whole thing was just a hoot. Our team name was (get ready for this) Anthony Weiner. We figured he's lost in life, and weiner is just a funny word to say out loud! What we learned is this: 1) A good story is really tough to tell. It's hard enough building the structure and sticking to the guidelines, let alone telling it in front of a crowd. 2) We were pretty tough critics. We were instructed never to go below a 7, but we did score as low as a 7.4 (see below). While some people booed us, others praised our discernment. But good scores or bad scores, we were experiencing the ups and downs together, which was exactly the point. We can't wait to go back. To find out if The Moth is happening in your town, and to download awesome podcasts from the shows, check out themoth.org.



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