Day 5: Buy a stranger a cup of coffee

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Didn't it put a little pep in your step? Make you want to pay if forward? I think we often consider doing nice things for strangers, but how often do we take time to actually do them? I finally worked up the courage for today's challenge, thanks to a little prodding from my friend Sara. One recent weekday morning, I snuck up to the coffee counter at a local bakery and slipped the cashier a $5 bill to treat the next customer on me. I asked that she tell the person it was left from the previous customer, but not to point out the source. Then I snuck back to my seat and hid behind my computer screen to watch the exchange unfold. About five minutes later, the cashier decided to tell an adorable lady that she didn't, in fact, need to pay a dime for her morning coffee. She smiled with surprise and I heard her say "Really? No way!" I tried sneaking a photo while she waited, but couldn't capture her face. But believe me, she was still smiling when she walked out, and so was I. Desktop9

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