Day 8: Complete an original craft

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

DSC_0708Ever since we moved into our new place, I've been stumped about what to do with the big space above our bed. We considered covering the wall in framed white wedding photos, but that felt too predictable. I was craving something big, beautiful, and truly unique. On one of my regular trips to JoAnn's, I spotted a giant frame for $30, and then when I was trolling Urban Outfitters for dresses, I discovered this awesome floral shower curtain!! I love that the fabric references a vintage print, but the colors and the scale make it feel modern. I finally put the two pieces together and you've got one stellar piece of artwork, don't you think? Now what to do about bedside tables and lamps...Anyway, here's how I completed the project in 30 minutes flat (with a little help from my man friend): DSC_0692Step 1: Lay the curtain down right side down; place the frame atop the fabric, positioning it so that your favorite part of the pattern will be featured.DSC_0693 Step 2: Starting on any side you like, wrap the fabric around the frame and use a staple gun to affix the fabric in place (we placed staples a few inches apart).DSC_0697 Step 3: Repeat the wrapping and stapling process with each side. Make sure to pull the fabric particularly taut on the final two sides. DSC_0700Step 4: Cut away any excess fabric. Because the curtain I used was thin, I also stapled a thicker, dark fabric atop the entire back of the frame so that the fabric didn't appear so see through (sorry I don't have a pic to show you!). Finish by using a hammer and nail to display your artwork on a wall! 


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