Day 9: Be a good neighbor

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

I haven't had, or been, a good neighbor in years. In fact, I don't think I ever even knew the name of a single neighbor the entire time I lived in New York. Pretty sad, right? So when we moved into this apartment, I was pretty ecstatic about the couples living above and below us. They're young, creative folks (teacher, photographer, graphic designer, etc), and more importantly, they're nice. Truly! Which is a great thing since we share porches, a laundry room, and a yard. So for this challenge, I baked up a batch of these heavenly muffins for them just because. I know, totally 1950's housewife of me. Of course I was baking while blogging, emailing, and working on a story—and I almost burned a batch. But the sentiment was still there.  * PS: I want to take a moment to clarify that this whole experience is not, by any means, a way to pat myself on the back for "doing good works." These are all actions that I'm challenging myself to do because I don't do them nearly enough. In fact, this past year I've been way too focused on myself. My biggest worries have been work-related as I search for my "calling" (whatever that means). And I'm realizing that rather than focusing on myself, I should've spent time more focusing on the world around me. These challenges are meant to push me to do things that are hard, awkward, even scary. And they take away time from my everyday routine, so I have to balance my schedule better. I hope you find them to be inspiring, and I’d love to hear if you’ve ever done something like this yourself. Please share in the comments!


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