Day 10: Try a new workout

by Jourdan Fairchild in

I'm not proud to say this: it's been more than a year since I belonged to a gym. Exercise has always been a huge part of my life, and this year, I slacked in a major way. When we first moved to Chicago, I was too worried about our financial situation to join one, and then as work picked up for me, I just got lazy. My yoga pants still got a ton of use...since I wore them everyday while I wrote on my sofa. So for this challenge, I sought out a new workout that would kick-start my renewed commitment. Shred415 has been around for a few years now in Chicago, but it was new to me. And let me tell you, they don't call it Shred for no reason. Yowza! My body is still recovering. The classes are all about interval training, split between treadmills and weights, and they also test your listening chops (the teacher constantly calls out commands to the "treadmill" and the "floor" groups). And each time I felt tempted to sneak a breather, I'd peek over at the pregnant chick next to me who was killing it. Hey, it's all about baby steps, right?E_QoLS2AWi6Yjl79meUB6ql76pKbUiMYX41tXEe80JY,zSCr3MSqi1tuxgvSaICzYOrxdEVAbLAXFdg_CCB_Lm8,j3-ieznmeZcDGHpN8mUlRTB3VF5K7I3JKcckB03n8g0

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