Day 12: Watch a documentary

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

I'm guilty of getting sucked into crap reality tv shows and trashy magazines. So I try to balance out my brain with some high-brow, eye-opening stuff. My list of "documentaries to watch" is super long, so I was happy to cross one off the list for this challenge. If you haven't seen The Central Park Five, a film by the legendary Ken Burns, I highly recommend it. It tells the stories of the five men who were wrong accused in the rape of the Central Park jogger back in 1989. They each spent years upon years serving time for a crime they didn't commit, and the film examines the faulty work of the NYPD in conjunction with the criminal justice system. The story reminded me of another two-part story that recently ran in the Chicago Reader about a man wrongly convicted of a crime, who spent more than 30 years behind bars before he was acquitted. Both stories reminded me of how quick we are to judge other people, and how easy it can be to ignore all sides of a story, whether it's in the courtroom or in our daily lives. Visit the film's website to learn more about how you can support organizations fighting to help free wrongly convicted men, women, and youth.Central_Park_Five_02

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