Day 13: Celebrate three small accomplishments

by Jourdan Fairchild in

This challenge is as simple as it sounds. I think that way too often, we forget to give those little wins in our life the glory they deserve. Here are three things that've happened to me lately that make me pretty darn happy:  1. My blog turned 1...and I didn't even know it!! The actual day was September 6, and since then, I've posted 165 times and 13,099 people have viewed Fair Share! Some of those are repeat viewers, but holy crap, that's a lot of people!!! What I'm most proud of is that I haven't given up, because some days, I sure feel like it. I grapple with whether anyone reads the blog, if it's well-liked, relatable, and fun to read, plus how to make it better (if only I had the money and the time). But I've kept it up for an entire year, and that's an accomplishment in my book!First birthday cupcake

2. We currently pay out-of-state tuition for Andrew to go to medical school, but because he's married to an Illinois resident (moi), he can qualify as an in-state student this fall. Basically, this saves us HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. I mean, we're still gonna be pretty poor for a looooong while, but we won't be as poor.

3. Check out these suede beauties that I scored with my friend Dean at a Salvation Army in the western suburbs of Chicago. Guess how much they cost me? $20.96 a pop! A deal that good is worth a round of applause, don't ya think?!


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