Day 17: Cut out dairy, meat, and gluten

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say I'm a 7 when it comes to eating healthy. I buy organic produce, eat good-for-me snacks, and incorporate whole grains and lean proteins on a daily basis. But I liberally use mayonnaise, regularly allow one glass of wine to turn into several, and eat my weight in cheese every week. Inspired by my friend Jessica Murnane, who built a killer business based on her plant-based diet, I challenged myself to eat like she does—aka truly clean—for a single day. Here are the lessons I learned:  1. Be prepared. When you cut so many things out of your diet, you need to do more prep work at home. I didn't do enough of that, which is why my day started with peanut butter (although it was the natural kind) instead of almond butter. 2. Ask questions. The description for the delicious shrimp tacos I ordered from Antique Taco at lunch didn't mention anything about the creamy sauce that the corn salad was tossed in. Delicious? Oh yeah. Challenge fail? For sure. 3. Get creative. I loved this almond butter curry sauce recipe on Jessica's site, but I skeptical about it filling up my perpetually-hungry husband (yep, he went along with the challenge because I make the rules in this household...and cook all of his food). So I just added a ton of extra veggies—peppers, onions, carrots and broccoli—before tossing them in the almond sauce. I judge how much Andrew likes a meal based on his scarf speed. This one? I'd say this was a 2-minute meal, maybe less. He almost licked the plate clean, and so did I. 4. Branch out. When I hit Whole Foods mid afternoon to get curry paste, tamari, and almond butter for dinner, I picked up a vanilla bean chia pudding. It's the second time I've tried this stuff, but I still can't get past the booger-like texture. Guess ya win some, ya lose some.


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