Day 21: Meditate

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Have you ever tried meditating? Or does the thought of it just put you to sleep? I fall more in the latter camp...which is exactly why I added it to my challenge list. I struggle most with staying focused on my breathing rather than allowing my brain to fire off in a million directions. What do I want for lunch? Have I thought of enough questions for my interview in 30 minutes? So this morning, I sat with my legs crossed and my eyes closed on the rug in our living room for 10 whole minutes. And more than halfway in, I finally felt my brain relax. I focused on my breath and then my senses started to heighten. It was a peaceful feeling, even if it only lasted for a few minutes. Since it's something we all should do everyday, I'm planning to practice each morning this week. Do you have any meditation advice to share? Let me know!652013_orig

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