Day 23: Recreate a food memory

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

You know how you can remember special moments in life based on the food you were eating? It feels like yesterday that we were in Istanbul chowing down on our favorite dish, menemem, for breakfast (below). It was wonderfully seasoned, familiar yet exotic, and just what we needed to fuel us for long days of sightseeing. As the days of fall turn to winter and we daydream about faraway destinations, I suggest recreating a memory with food.DSC_0483I riffed on this recipe to make menemem at home (below). By swapping in chorizo for sausage, I added some heat, and we had to use less tomatoes and more onions (it was too early for grocery shopping). Our version turned out less juicy, but delicious all the same. And when Andrew found out that I was planning to make it, he pitched in to help. As we chopped and sautéed, we reminisced about the trip and that meal. "Yeah, add a little more peppers plus a pinch more salt." And "I think we should add tons of cheese at the end." No, we weren't in Turkey—but at least it didn't taste so far away. DSC_0711

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