So I've been a little busy...

by Jourdan Fairchild in

DSC_0726And it's all this guy's fault. Well, almost. With my new job and our newest family member, I haven't had much (read: any) free time. Meet Louis (pronounced Louie) Lincoln Fairchild, a pup we brought home from the Anti-Cruelty Society just three weeks ago. All we know is that he's from a shelter in KY and he's around one years old. So since he and I share a home state, it was obviously meant to be. And for the most part, he's a good boy. He loves to cuddle and greet people with lots of licks. But he doesn't come when he's called, and he's still working on the housebreaking thing. As soon as I can get things a bit under control, I promise to get back to blogging—and that 30-day challenge...which turned into a 90-day one. Sigh. I hope you understand. Our first night of puppy training is tonight, so wish us luck! 

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