Day 25: Learn something new about your family

by Jourdan Fairchild in

One goal I promised myself at the beginning of this whole thing was to discover a fun fact that I didn't already know about my kin (And while it may appear that I've given up on this challenge, I think this whole thing was meant to be thwarted. Because I'm not sure I would've kept blogging. Now I feel like I owe it to me—and to you—to finish this damn challenge!) Andrew and I hopped a flight to Idaho for Thanksgiving, and spent a few days, eating, drinking, gaming, and doing those things Northwesterners do. Like cut down their own Christmas tree! And I'm not talking about going to a tree farm. These people do it the right way. We piled in cars, hot chocolate in tow, and drove to the Kaniksu National Park. After tromping through the snow and narrowing down our favorites, we selected a tree that was full enough to hold the family ornaments, and tall enough to not look weeny. It was a new tradition for me I look forward to being an old one.Desktop15Collages3

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