Living a more adventurous life

by Jourdan Fairchild in

In the wake of last week, I've decided that the only way to move forward is to do just that: by saying yes to adventures (both literal and more figuratively) that lie ahead rather than focusing on the past. So when a last-minute weekend press trip came my way, I accepted with excitement. This one was for a "girls' adventure weekend" at the five-star resort in Kohler, Wisconsin. Led by author/chef/Girl Hunter Georgia Pelligrini, the experience was filled with both creatures (hunting, fishing) and comforts (delicious meals, luxe hotel rooms with heated bathroom floors). The women participating came from a range of hometowns, backgrounds, and ages (late '20s to 69), but they shared one characteristic: fearlessness. Inspired by their willingness to try anything, I stepped right up to learn how to shoot a shotgun. Was it pretty? Heck no. Did I accidentally fire into the ground and startle myself sick? Yes. It was embarrassing to say the least. But this was an accepting group who pushed each other to keep trying, even though they'd only known each other briefly.

While they hunted pheasants in the field, I did my part to snap photos and gather switchgrass for a pretty bouquet. And when they cleaned the birds, I immediately grimaced before reminding myself of the importance of knowing where our food comes from. I buy meat in the grocery store that I don't know much about, but this meat was fresh and natural. Georgia explained how to use the entire bird (feathers, bones for stock, etc), and we all listened in amazement. The weekend was inspiring, informational, and the perfect reminder that some of life's greatest lessons come when you least expect it.DSC_0774DSC_0794DSC_0829DSC_0812DSC_0839

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