Big book news!

by Jourdan Fairchild

It's hard to believe that more than a month has passed since I returned from Malawi. As you can imagine, I have a bajillion thoughts, feelings, and reflections to share, but I'm saving them up for (hopefully!) a published story. My dream is that some publication/website will be so moved by my pitch email that they'll want to know more and share it with their readers.

It's all about patience and persistence, friends.

While I play this waiting game, I decided to do something more immediate for the families in Africa that I was honored to meet. At the encouragement of a few friends (hi Jessica and Dean!), I embarked on my own project with plans to give a portion of the proceeds to Watering Malawi. It's no secret that I love to craft—in particular, I love the idea generation part of it all. It's a skill I developed under the guidance of my former editor-in-chief, who had a crafty brain and the highest standards. Also, when you live on a permanent budget, knowing how to make your own stuff sure comes in handy.

Enter FLY DIY, an e-book full of projects inspired by my travels. Each of the 10 crafts I'm including is completely FRESH (ie, you won't see anything like it on Pinterest!), super CHEAP (I'm talking $1 you guys) and EASY. They're the perfect thing to do before you leave for a trip, and they're completely personal. The book will also feature some of my absolute favorite lady friends—all of whom happen to be successful independent business owners. I even convinced a fantastic local photographer to join forces with me. Check out some of her dreamy test photos below!


Is this terrifying to release my own e-book? YES. Do I worry that no one will buy it? OF COURSE. But I'm having the best time working on it. In the past, I used to wait for great opportunities to come my way. This time around, I'm trying to create the opportunities for myself. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support, and I can't wait to start sharing some of the projects exclusively with you. Sign up for regular updates (the box is below the photos) so you won't miss out!

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